Print format problem of custom Doc Types

I would like my colleagues to create Technical Specification documents using a predefined template on Erpnext. To do so, i have created a custom DocType called “Technical Specification”.

I have realized that the print format does not show the headers of the sections. To explain briefly i have created a new doc type called Test_Doc and took screenshots.

As text editor gives us more flexibility, i would like to use text editor for my inputs of the technical specification documents.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the headers of the text editor sections are not shown in the output document.

Is this a bug?


I can replicate the issue in my test account as well. Thanks for reporting it here. We will fix this and update.

No problem, it is nice to contribute. I like the work you guys are doing.

We are waiting for version 8 to update Erpnext on our servers. If it is not possible to have this fix on v8 in a few days, could you let me know when you implement it?


Dear @ArundhatiS,

This problem remains the same.
Can you please check again?