Print format question (shipping address)


Trying to add the shipping address to a Sales Order print with this:

{{ doc.shipping_address }}

but it displays “None”, even if the Sales Order was made for a Customer with a valid “Shipping Address” entry added.

Any idea? Thanks!

{{ doc.shipping_address }} should print the address if there is any shipping address value in SO.

Check if “Shipping Address” is fetched in Sales Order. To do that unhide the field from Customize Form.

Hi @nabinhait and @Dcn1,

this usually happens when you inserted customer into sales order/quotation or what so ever and you did NOT enter a valid shipping address beforehand.

What you will need to get the address into the document:

  1. Select another customer
  2. Re-Select your customer

e voila the address is displayed :wink: had to play around a lot to realize that haha