Print Format - remove link http://XXXXXX

Hello everyone,

How can I REMOVE/Change it via programming?

You can remove it from “print settings” (Remove header & footer)

where can I found it to remove/change it via programming?

Here in the print popup. Untick Headers and Footers.

Thanks for your reply, but that’s not what I want : (
How can I remove or modify it by programming?

Dont think it is a possibility as this is browser function and not from ERP. Speak to a developer who can help you.

When you press the print icon you see a preview inside the browser then instead of pressing print,

Press pdf and then it will create a pdf inside the browser from there you can print it to the printer and that will not show you the url footer.

Hope this helps

those lines are add by browser they are not coming from ERPNEXT