Print format Sales order

Hi, where is the print format for sales order script in server located, so i can copy it to create new templates…


There is no template for the print format for sales order. Standard print formats are dynamically generated based on “Print Hide” property and the field position in the form.

You can use this print format as a template that we are using in our organisation:

  1. This print format would NOT show the discounts given on items, was needed in our company for some reason.

  2. This print format would show the discount percentage as a separate line in the next line.

I hope that this would help you in implementing the awesome server side print formats.

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Thanks for the example, anyway i just noticed if i use different currency in the items it will be some error on the tax because the tax will displayed on my default currency
i think it would be something to do with this
{{ row.get_formatted(“tax_amount”, doc) }}
how can i solve this ?


Following script will give you the tax amount in customer currency:

{{ frappe.format_value(row.tax_amount / doc.conversion_rate,
    frappe.get_meta("Sales Taxes and Charges").get_field("tax_amount"), doc, currency=doc.currency) }}

wow thats works… thanks a lot