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I have created a custom print format(HTML+CSS+Jinja) and all works well but I would like to add some variables to retrieve before rendering the document the likes of “Compact Item Print” when printing a sales invoice. I would appreciate it if I can get some guidance on how to go about achieving this.

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Any suggestions?
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If you are using custom format builder, you can use Jinja rendering to add custom variables.

For example, to add customer in the print you can add the following line

{{ doc.customer }}

Similarly you can use other variables as needed.

Oh, wow, this is super-cool. I’d never noticed that before. Apparently Frappe polls each doctype for additional print settings to show, using the method get_print_setting.

The only implementation I could find was in the accounts controller:

Using that for an example, it should be pretty straightforward to add other settings to other documents. It will, however, require a custom app. I don’t think it’s possible to do this client-side.

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Many thanks @peterg