Print Format Type Server Vs Print Format Type Client

I have some fundamental Question in Print Format Type

  1. When to use print format in server mode or client mode
  2. Print Format Type server can be done with Jinja + html css, how about in client mode ?
  3. Form example if I want " Purchase Order " and generate PDF with custom format, should I use Server mode or Client mode to code.

Hi @amruthp

I guess the client side print formats would be deprecated at some point of time in the future since they have their limitations, if I am not wrong.

I was earlier using client type print formats but now we have shifted all our print formats to server type.

Thanks @adityaduggal
This helps, because in 4.0 most of the print formats are client, but in 4.5 no client format is present and only server. Also in 4.0 for print templates coding is done in JS and in the 4.5 jinja.

So, I’m concluding that in Print format type, only server side option to be used.

Client side is only for backward compatibility - Makes server side ones.

Also PDF can only be generated on server side

@rmehta thanks for clarification. Well jinja templating is awesome, glad you integrated it.