Print Format Type: Server


Does the Print Format Type: Server still work?

Because, when I create a new format using Custom Format its still showing the Print Format from the Builder and not the Custom Format (HTML). How do I override the Builder format?

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There is a “Make Default” button on the Print Format, that will set your format to be default for that doctype.

Thanks Kanchan,

Actually have done that, but makes no difference. The Custom Format is not taking effect, its still applying format from the Builder.


Does your format shows i dropdown list of print formats?

Yes, the format I created is showing and when I select it as default its default to it as well but its just not applying the HTML Format I’ve created.

I mean in the print window towards the left side, what do you see Standard or your print format name.

Yep, that dropdown shows my format name

As a note, this was not an issue with version 6++ only had it with 7

Just tested it, Server type print format works fine. Probably something wrong with your format. Do one thing, create new format and in HTML just write.

<h3>{{ "Testing Print Format" }}</h3>

See if this shows up.

Have done that as well and still same results. The only think I have not tried is to change the DocType, but don’t see why that should matter.

Why not, try that too.

I think I have identified the issue as its working now. It seems that if we switch and/or go to the Builder the HTML Format will not work. So basically, avoid the Builder completely.

Thank You Kanchan, very much appreciate your assistance. :slight_smile: