Print Format Type

Hi there,
I am trying to customize a print format for delivery notes.
It’s the first time I do a print format customization and I am feeling a bit lost.
There is a point that it’s not very clear for me: What is the difference between Server, Client, JS Print Format Types?

If I have understood, Server can user Jinja templating, JS can use John Resig’s templating and Client it’s pure CSS.

Is it correct?

So far - this is the only one I “understand” (vaguely) - yes

This is what I found in Frappe Documentation:

The terms are slightly different and when it talks about create a custom print format, there is no any mention to Server, Client and JS…

AFAIK, client is old deprecated format and if you want to print in pdf it’s Server


how i change printing format form normal A4 Size to A4 landscape.

For a custom print with server type you can add
<meta name="pdfkit-orientation" content="Landscape">
in the beginning of your template.

Note it works only in PDF not in JS preview.