Print format - Unable to use section column in Quotation

When I want to split section into 2 columns, it became like this.

I am on:

ERPNext: v8.0.51 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.70 (master)

Just realised this happens only when I use Custom HTML block

Very likely the problem is in your custom html

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Hi @rmehta,

But even if my custom html contains only text, this will happen.

@umair @ArundhatiS can you replicate?

Works fine in my test account. The version no. provided suggest your ERPNext account needs an upgrade.

@umair @rmehta @ArundhatiS

I have a script like this in custom_html block.

Account No: {{frappe.db.get_value(‘Customer’, doc.customer, ‘customer_account_number’)}}

Bill To
{{ doc.customer_name }} 
{{ doc.address_display }} 

ATTN To: {{ doc.contact_display}}

Same error too in latest version for frappe and erpnext. See below.

As such, we cannot use frappe.get.value in custom_html?