Print Formats no longer printing colours since Frappecloud V5 upgrade

Prior to the v5 upgrade my Print Formats had nice black backgrounds in tables, printed key fields in RED and recognised <th> (prints grey background). Since upgrade these have all stopped working on print formats. I have tried all settings in browser (print background images, etc) and also tried using CSS inline, CSS inheader, <div> instead of table, etc, etc. but nothing changes. So I assume this must be somewhere in frappe over-riding my settings. Please help and advise, we need colours for due dates and other key information on our production worksheets. Example of before and after below for your review. The code for the print format can be found here: Custom Print Format · GitHub

There have been no changes at our end to browser, printer or print format logic - so I can only think V5?

BEFORE (note black background on Walz Group NPF, Red Due Date print & grey background on Job Type as it was <th> row)


AFTER. Please note the PREVIEW works OK, but somewhere between there and the print render we lose the formatting and get this:

<font> tag is deprecated in html5. Use CSS styles instead.


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