'Print Get PDF' error on all PDFs

I’m receiving ‘Print Get PDF’ on all pdf’s documents. OS is Debian-11 with the latest release of version-13 and wkhtmltopdf is (with patched qt)

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Yeah, I also have that issue in one of our servers.

i had the same problem, anyone have the solutions ?

I saw this at one point (I believe when I was on v14 manual install). I am on a docker install now with v13 and don’t see this issue. When I had the problem, this worked as a workaround- Print Get PDF issue in new installed server - #7 by Solufy

FWIW, v13 docker uses:
frappe@b35dbec1f686:~/frappe-bench/sites$ wkhtmltopdf -V
wkhtmltopdf 0.12.6 (with patched qt)

See if the solution here helps: