Print header in report

i have one field in doctype with Label chemical_name with type Heading i want to print this as header in report how to achive this. also some field is appeared as header but some are not displayed what is the reason behind this. any help will be appreciated.

@Hardik_Mehta I don’t think it is available. But you can create a GitHub issue for this. I am providing you with the GitHub link below. Please refer.

Link: Issues · frappe/frappe · GitHub

@shachiTakalkar do you know how to set custom print format for our use?

@Hardik_Mehta I didn’t get you. Can you elaborate your query?. But if you want to create a custom print format then please refer the following link.

And to set a customised print format as default you can go to the master page of that particular print format and click on the option ‘Make it Default’.