Print Icon not shown in the Salary slip Document

I have given ERP Next access to some of our employees, I set the employee role as “User” but they are unable to print the Salary slip.(Print Icon is not shown in Salary slip Document)

Please tell me, if I made any mistakes while setting the user

@Eranna the document type should be Salary slip. click add new rule and add permissions for salary slip not user . and don’t forget to check the user role for every employee.

Hi @bahaou I did that

Still print icon is not showing

@Eranna have you checked the role permission for the specific user ?

@bahaou how to check the role permission for the specific?
Please tell me…

@Eranna open the user’s profile , scroll down to roles . find your new role called user and check on it.

this one…

@Eranna not this one no . go to user list , select your user scroll down and you gonna find something that looks like this one and there you check the user role.

@bahaou In the user profile Role is not showing

@Eranna share a screenshot

@Eranna something is not right here . what version you using ?

erpnext 14.23.4
frappe 14.35.0
hrms 15.0.0-dev


this is version14 . user page should look like this

@Eranna are you logged in using administrator or other admin user ?

I am using Administrator login

Open role permission manager and give a permission to employee role for print. A print button will show in that user.