Print Invoice, Packing Slip and Delivery Note with 1 click

It seems that I need to print Invoice from the invoice, packing list and delivery note in their individual modules. It is now a multiple step process which takes up quite a bit of time. Is there anyway I can print all 3 with 1 click? We print quite a few of this daily and it is slowing down our workflow.

I’m using product bundle option and running ERPNext 9.1.3

I think there is no single option like that.

oh that’s sad. Currently I’m using a workaround. Using a customised delivery note, which will print out all 3 papers in 1 template.
The only problem is that the invoice number doesn’t match up. It’s a pity i can’t do the same using the invoice module. Packed items doesn’t show up in invoice template.

The feature required would be something like a “print this and associated documents” ?


You can easily build custom print format to get print out of all three documents together. Fetching data from other doctypes through jinja is the key.

Thanks for your input Mukesh

I did a custom print in invoice module but packed items just won’t show up.

It will only show up in delivery module.

Were you able to print packed items in the invoice module?

can you share the code of what you have tried?

I didn’t have any code. I used the print format builder and dragged the packed items into the new section

Doing the same thing worked in delivery note, but not in the invoice.weird…

Above can be achieved through custom print format built in html + jinja. Standard format print builder will not allow you to get data of other doctypes.

Cool! I’ll explore that.