Print Option in Shared Document

Hi Guys,

I’m not able to see the print option in shared Quotation. I have applied User Permissions that only creator can see the Quotation but when the Quotation is shared Print Option is not available.

Kindly suggest a work around if someone knows.

I faced the same problem. Quotation should not be visible to everyone until and unless it is shared. But the print option is not available for that user. Please suggest.

I faced a similar issue when setting user permissions on the Quotation. Kindly suggest what could be the possible way.

I did a “workaround” by adapting: frappe/frappe/www/
removing the following lines in validate print preview:
for ptype in (“read”, “print”):
if (not frappe.has_permission(doc.doctype, ptype, doc)
and not frappe.has_website_permission(doc)):
raise frappe.PermissionError(_(“No {0} permission”).format(ptype))

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have multi tenancy site setup. Can you have any work around for single site using client script or custom script.

Commenting to get reach… I hope resolution to this issue will be provided soon.

Can you be more specific about your problem?