Print pdf showing {{body}}


On pdf generation of doc with custom print format, it is showing only {{body}} in the generated pdf.

How to solve this?

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add “hostname”:site_name in site_config.json


In my case, the issue comes because the duplication in the naming series of Access Log DocType,
So I had solved it by edit the naming series of Access Log from the database (the table name is tabSeries) then edit the current value of the empty name with the latest number of Access Log. __

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The post above by @alkuhlani was very helpful, and led me to write this related post:


would this ( Multiplication in print format returns error {{ body }} - #2 by ramielian ) be related by any chance?

No, that’s an unrelated and different issue.

post your error log

This worked for me. I just added hostname in site_config.json file.

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can anyone help me, how can i navigate to site_json file
and how to modify


you mean like this? In my case this happend when there was some error in my Print Format.