Print preview does not match print format

I have a document that needs to be printed landscape to fit all columns on the page.

I can create a custom paper size that works well. BUT print preview is always landscape.

I have also tried adding custom CSS and HTML to set the print format to landscape. Again these work well for PDF and Print outputs but print preview never changes - just shows cropped table:

works for pdf

@media print{@page {size: landscape}}

works for print output

but print preview never changes.


first print to pdf and preview it there , within the system it wont work

@TomSea usually, on the preview mode you can display it rotated 90 degree!

Use the @media screen and @media print to control that!

this works for me, also even the PDF can be printed in Landscape!

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Thanks - that is what I have been doing, just not very pretty!

@max_morais_dmm - can you explain how to rotate using @media screen?