Print Sale Order - Group variants by Template

We make shoes and when I create a Sale Order I have variants for each shoe size so I add as many of each variant have been ordered. But then when I print out the Sales Order to send it to the client for confirmation each variant is listed individually and I can’t find a way to have them grouped by Template. I need it to be so that the client would see a row for each model of shoe he ordered and in that row the different quantities of each variant.

Is there a way to do that?


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Sorry that this feature is not available out-of-the-box. Please check if you can create a custom Print Format in HTML.

Thanks, any insight on how to do that? I see that I can create a custom print format but how do I create a custom table that list the items the way I want to?

I’ve created a duplicate Print Format of the Sale Order one but I can’t access the HTML anymore, it was only visible when I first created the duplicate. Now I can only go from Edit Format to Edit Properties.

I would like to edit the Items table but I can’t seem to access the HTML for it anywhere…

Anyone else on this? I’ve been told a custom Print Format would’t even be enough as to group variants by template (item) it’d be necessary to modify files on the server side… can anyone confirm this? Are there any alternatives?