Print shipping address

Hi, I read every topic speaking about printing shipping address but any of those any says the proper way to do it.

I have, on my quotation and invoice to customer and my purchase order to my supplier to specified the billing and shipping address.

I already create shipping address for my customer and selected it when I have create the quotation. Now how to show that information when I send the quote or invoice to my client and when I send the purchase order to my supplier.

Thank you for your help

Hi @synertic

Unhide the field "Address"from Customize Form.


  1. Go to Customize form
    2.Enter Form Type- Purchase order
    3.Fields ->Address → uncheck “Hidden” option
    4.Update .
    and then check .Apply this for wherever you want.
  2. when you create purchase order and select customer then Address will be fetched.


Hi, shraddha, thank you for your quick reply.

I do all of those step and I have the same problem. I can see any shipping addres on my forms.

I uncheck the hiddeen box on PO, SO, quotation and invoice for address and shipping address and doesn’t change anything.

When I create a Purshase order I don’t have any place where I can select the client for drop ship address.

Any clues on this.

Thank you