Print Style - Set style of specific value

Dear ERPNext Community,

is there any way to style a value inside a print format, when it is not a custom format?

For instance I want to make the “Item Name” in a quotation in bold style “”. and change the font size through the CSS Section.

Any help would be really aprechated. Thank you

Hi @pronext,

font for please check-in print setting and there is an option of font size and font.

Specific field bold without custom print. that for Bold set in customized form Doctype.

Then reload and check it, please.

Thank You!

Thanks @NCP that I already tried, but changig the setting under “Print Settings” and checking bold under “Customize Form” did nothing at my end. Also with reloading cache and bench.
I don’t know why…remember also that this bold setting in Customization did the trick before.

.print-format thead { background-color: #566573 !important; color: white; font-weight: bolder; border : 1px solid black; }
.print-format th { background-color: #566573 !important; color: white; border : 1px solid black; }

Could not find a solution, without using a custom html print format.

Add the above in your css section !!!

yes, I did that. It is for styling the table header. But not calling a specific value and defining the style of that. For example calling “{{ doc.terms }}” and specificly style that, without custom print format in html.