Print Tax ID in Sales Invoice - V6


Would like to know how to fetch and print Tax ID in Sales Invoice. Customer form already has a Tax ID field that i can enter information. Can you provide a script that i can insert in my custom print layout to print Tax ID?

Already read a previous (2013) post and I’m not so sure how to implement it so i’m asking again. Thanks for the help!

Add a custom field in sales invoice named tax id and use add_fetch(“Customer”, “tax_id” , “tax_id”) in the script

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Thanks for that!

Some questions in creating this custom field:

  1. Document: Sales Invoice?
  2. Label: Tax ID?
  3. Insert After: Is Return?
  4. Field Type: Data?
  5. Default Value: add_fetch(“Customer”, “tax_id” , “tax_id”)?

Can you verify if these inputs are correct?

I think i got it working. Thanks!