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Im struggling. How did you do it?

What did you try?

Create a custom field (Ex. tax_id in sales invoice)
Create a custom script and use this line cur_frm.add_fetch(“customer”,“tax_id”,“tax_id”);

Take note that you need to follow the step-by-step input of the Tax ID. It would not appear automatically in your previous transactions. It would only appear after you have made the script changes and create a new Sales Invoice.

The Tax ID field is already there. I just want it to appear on the invoice. I did exactly as you instructed but still no luck. I think its because I cant clear the cache. I went under tools I can’t find the clear_cache command.

because the Tax ID field already exists I just added the script and customized the invoice form but it still won’t show the tax id on the final invoice

Reload or refresh your screen page in every update of custom field and script. Click your user name, there is a reload command, this is to clear cache. Then try to make sales order and invoice again.

@Johannes_Maepa this will only work for new documents.

i got it right. thanks

Hi guys,

I have the same requirement. But i know nothing about programming or scripts etc.

Where shall i paste “Create a custom script and use this line cur_frm.add_fetch(“customer”,“tax_id”,“tax_id”);” ?

How do i link it to the specific invoice print format?

Once linked where will the Tax ID show in the invoice?

Please help

After you made your custom script. Make a custom field (data) so that when you select a customer the script will pull data such as the tax-id and display it on your designated position. Make a custom print layout and tax_id will be available for print out or use the print builder and tax_id will be there.

great this worked!! thank you.

now i noticed another thing in the default sales invoices print format there is a tax table, but no info is showed on the printable view

An alternative way to have the VAT number printed on a document:

Tax legislation in South Africa requires multiple VAT numbers; related to a branch and not the main entity.

Solution is to add a custom field for VAT number to the address doc (Setup > Customize > Customize Form > Select Address) . Update the address template (Setup > Printing > Address Template) to include the VAT number.

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