Print templates API. How do I access doc fields?

When I’m going to return some data, what do I put in the doc.“here”?
I’m trying return e-mail of my custumer when i print
{% set u = frappe.get_doc(“Quotation”, doc.“here”)%}
{{ u.contact_email}}


You can get the email address of contact using frappe.db.get_value method, Please try the following.

{{ frappe.db.get_value("Contact", doc.contact_person, "email_id") or "" }}

where doc.contact_person is the value of the Contact Person available in the Quotation.


The table is separated by links, everything underneath a link will be the value of the doc.“this”??? Or i do not understood?

{{ doc.field_name }} will print that field value on the print format.
It’s Jinja template, which is being used, you can read more about it on link below:

Now i understand! Thanks man!