Print view not working after update to v5.2


I just updated to v5.2 and all print-view is not working now on all documents. The window message says “Not Permitted”. I checked permission manager and nothing is changed.

Anybody knows what happened?


Works okay for me.

Did you update via bench update ?

yes @rmehta.

I think I know the cause. This is related to my other topic Bench update returned error - #3 by Jonathan_Fanny_Lie

I run bench update again to 5.2.1 and the problem is gone. But now sales invoice form is showing blank form. I made small modification before update in v5.1.4 to sales_invoice.js and done git commit -a before running bench update. It seemed something wrong with the commit…but git status showing working directory is clean and I checked sales_invoice.js my changes is maintained.

Do you have any ideas?

Check your JS console. There might be an error with your customization.

Where to check JS console? I only commented out these lines:

//else if(cur_frm.doc.is_pos) {
	//	new_doc("Sales Invoice");