Printformat Feature Request


I want to create a custom print format in my print format it’s not only related to the doctype data. which means the current form I’m trying to make. if I want to add some extra data from different doctype, I’m also want to do some complex calculations.

My request.

  • If can I make a server call and store data in the object format in any of the variable its really easy to get other doctypes data.?
  • Is there any way to do db call or can I use any custom page for this.?

Please check through.

How to make a server call while print formate is rendering.


Please, don’t use mentions to specific people to ask for help.
This is a large community and many people could help you.

Check this:

And this …

Hope this helps.


This tutorial is really greate. but what am I expecting is I have a page how to render the template with header and footer. and print the HTML. please help.