Printing and Billing according to Customer Item Code (Ref Code)

Dear All,
This is regarding “Customer Item Code” or Reference code of the item shown in the snap-shot attached herewith. In Erpnext it is possible to give each item customer item code and associated ref code. This is good facility because several customers refer (in our case) to same product by several names. our products are marketed by clients in their brand names and orders are placed in their brand names only to us. How can we use this Customer Item Code" or Reference code printed on sales invoice and other similar documents such as PO, SO, LEAD, etc. Please have a look at attached image.

Hello @Cropg1,
You will need to create a custom print format for each of the documents that needs the reference code. You can add a field to the doctypes via Custom Field and link the field to Customer Item Codes.
Afterwards, go to print formats, make a new format for the doctype. Go to print format builder and click/drag the custom field to the section where you want to put it.
You can also do this using Jinja via the HTML box,

Hope this helps

You can directly fetch Ref Code and print it in the format.

You will have to use jinja for that.

Dear @Basawaraj_Savalagi Thanks for reply. You mentioned that we can directly fetch Ref Code and print it in the format. In this case (your suggestion) will we still need to create a custom print format for each document ? as mentioned by @littlehera. I just want to understand are these both suggestion different or same ? If I have to use Ninja then where to find it. I am thankful to @littlehera for explaining step by step guide to add the custom field. Let us come to conclusion is it necessary to create new custom print format for each document or not ? New user here non-computer science graduate. I may sound silly :frowning: in some query.

Yes! In both approaches you will have to create new print format.

are these both suggestion different or same ?

These are different approaches.

I think you can first try the method explained by @littlehera as it doesnt involve coding in jinja.

Please try creating a new print format and in the item table of the print format click on Select columns. You will find customer’s item code there.

To learn more about custom print format please refer the link below.

Hope this helps.

@ArundhatiS big thanks. You have put me directly in driving seat. It’s wow moment…it same as when one learns to ride without anybody’s help…same feeling here. It opens up new arena. Thanks. I will try it and give you update. I tried it selected the field but still not appearing in invoice when i go back. Let me create again a new and I will update you all the steps that i did. Thanks again for teaching.

Dear @Basawaraj_Savalagi thanks for making it clear to me. The screenshot shared by @ArundhatiS sounds to be more walkable. Let me try it. The screen that she has shown i could reach it.


Can you please explain how can I link the Customer Item Codes field in the Sales Invoice?