Sell same item (but with 2 different logos) for 2 different prices to the same company


We sell product X (item X) to customer A,B,C,D etc. For each customer we have a seperate price list. So if we make a sales order, for let say customer A, we select the item and get the right price for that customer, so far so good.

At this point we have a customer, lets say customer B, which buys two version (brands) of item X. It’s exacly the same item only we print another logo (brand) on it. The problem is now that we can’t sell the same item to the same customer with different prices. So the question is how to solve this. We have some ideas, but we are wondering what would be best.

Solution 1: For each identical product, but with another logo (brand), we make a seperate item.
Solution 2: For customer B we make 2 customers, let say customer B_brand1 and customer B_brand2. In this way we can attach a seperate price list to each customer.

At this time we will go for solution 2, but it does’nt feel like it’s the best solution.

Are there any other ways to solve this neatly?



Hi, @Bass, well come to the new world of erp - ERPNext.

You can select options 1.

Create multiple price list, select it in item price and assign pricelist to customer.

Thanks for your quick supply.

That indeed works for the price, but for each brand the customer has a different reference code. Unfortunatly the sales order will use the first item entered under “customer details”.

  1. I open item X and expand topic “CUSTOMER DETAILS”.
  2. I add 2 rows. Customer B with a “Ref Code” for brand1 and Customer B with “Ref Code” for brand2.
  3. I create 2 price lists. Pricelist CustomerB_brand1 and CustomerB_brand2.
  4. I open Item Price and add an Item Code to list CustomerB_brand1 and an Item Code to list CustomerB_brand2. both with different prices.
  5. I create a new sales order and select pricelist CustomerB_brand2. When I now pritn the sales order the price of the item in CustomerB_brand2 is presented, but the reference code of CustomerB_brand1.

How can I solve this problem?


it’s working fine in my test. can you share a screen shot? maybe it has to be customized.
should it be print reference code instead of item code ?

you can prefer an item variant option instead of two items with brand.


I need the reference code. I hope you can see the pictures. I could only upload 1 picture, so I had to put all in one :slight_smile:

There is no link between the price list and the ref code, so it seems that the first row under Customer details is used for the ref code. If there is any way to fix this that would be nice.
In the mean time I will have a look if the variant option can solve my problem.

this is for Direct in Custom Print Formate

this is for Transaction (similar as u desired)

BTW, the choice is yours :slight_smile:

I already have the customer reference code (printed “your reference”) in the sales order. That is not the problem.
I think the best solution is that I create 2 customers. Example “Customer B_brand1” and “Customer B_brand2” . In that way I can add a “Item x” to each customer with a different reference code.
Not very pretty, but it works.

will check their effect in the end before you start with the same customer having multiple names.
BTW, the choice is yours :slight_smile:

Yes, thank :slight_smile: