Printing barcodes with prices

Hello good people. I have hit a very hard place while testing erpnext, at first it appeared like a simple concept but it has proved difficult. I need a report that shows the item nam, selling price and barcode. I understand these are different tables, i have made a customized form that has the barcode as a data field; my intention is to pull the item barcode when you set the item price list rate, just as the code and description are pulled into the form when you select the item. This same idea worked for me in customizing the purchase order to show the item barcode. But it would not show the item barcode in the item price form rather it displays a text box for you to capture a barcode again instead of pulling the barcode filled in the item setup. Can anyone help?

add a custom script to fetch the data from the item record. check this link, must be helpful

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Awesome my friend! Thanks, i used your link and figured it out. Works like
a charm.


Kent C.

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