Printing Cheques from ERPNext

Hi, I am facing a problem that I believe that a lot of ERPNext users must already face because it is basic. I do not know if I am missing something but I am unable to print a cheque after selecting the cheque print format while printing the payment entry. When I click on the print button, it is automatically showing the A4 size paper. But I want to print it on a cheque. How do I do it?

To change the paper size, do this:

  1. Click the ellipsis (3 dots), then choose “Print Settings”

  2. Change the page size of the PDF.

Generally speaking, ERPNext does not have the concept of paper “Cheques”. The closest thing we have is what you already found: creating custom Print Formats based on ‘Payment Entry’

Here in the USA where I live, a bit more is needed. For one client, I had to create a new App and “Bank Cheque” DocType to meet all the requirements.

ERPNext have the next tool for that /app/cheque-print-template

Can you share this app or request adding it as a feature. It would be great if you do so.

It is already inside ERPNExt if you have current version :


There is just no shortcut yet I think.

@omar.eldars It’s not a standalone App at the moment. I could probably make it so someday.

The “Cheque Print Template” solution mentioned above appears to be an alternative way of writing a Print Format.

Interesting, but (imo) still falls short of the what most USA clients require for bank checks, my own included.

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