Printing disabled for selected roles

i have assigned a user two default roles , account user and account manager. i noticed that i m not able to print the any of accessible doctypes the print button doesn’t show. i have checked it from role permission manager and both roles have permissions to print the certain doctypes such as invoice, journal entry etc. am i missing something or what. i am on latest version 13 production branch.

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can any body look into it.

By the way, I faced same issue here. There is no print logo for “user” account, but I could print it by selecting the document from sales/etc list then choose an action

this is strange … @tus1688 can you explain further more how are you printing documents. should we report it as bug ?

  1. Go back to DOCTYPES list section
  2. Select which file you wanna print using tick in the left
  3. There is blue button in the upright corner if I am not mistaken “Action”
  4. Then choose print

By the way, I am still do further research before fill a bug report.

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Search for Role > All and see if selecting all check fields at Form Settings section solve it.


@Francisco_Buendia Thanks you are the man … :heartbeat: