Printing in ERP next

Hello All
We are working on printing by referring below link.

But we are not able to add html

Versions we are using : -
bench versio n : 5.16.2
erpnext 14.24.3
frappe 14.36.1
hrms 15.0.0-dev
payments 0.0.1

Same functionalities are working in older versions
erpnext 14.16.1
frappe 14.25.4
hrms 14.0.1

Just wanted to understand this functionality removed/upgraded in newer versions.

Hi @Abhishek_Jadhav,

It’s available.
Please check it.

Thank You!

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But I have a question about how I can enable it.

Hi @Abhishek_Jadhav,

Please check if the field is available or not.
If any condition or client script is added or not.

By default html field condition is:


see this.