Printing - Invoice text not clear

When printing a POS invoice to a thermal printer. The text is not clear. This applies to both the standard and pos invoice. Any way to improve the visibility of the Invoices?

What format is send to the thermal printer? If it isn’t clear it probably has to do with the fact that you’re sending a image to the printer instead of command line instruction which most thermal printers use. Check you printer manual for requirements.

I doubt the issue is with the printers, yes dot-matrix and/or thermal printers might perceive instructions to print an invoice as graphic/image but the underlying question here is how to solve this from the software side.

A couple of solutions I’m thinking of;

  1. Simply using PDF to print
  2. Text WWW Browser like Elinks (
  3. Using a Generic Text Only printer driver

Hello Kariuki-san

I would recommend PDF to Print (Especially if you need Japanese Support).

Not sure about windows.
On Linux for POS gear and Legacy invoice printers we use cups with a class to PDF to Print and size correctly for the printer.

In the past some dot-matrix printers for invoicing were very special in there driver requirement and we could not preform a straight PDF to Print.
We got around this by setting up a print server (Workstation for running the Dot matrix invoicing printer).

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For thermal Printers see - POS invoice format not showing print dialog box - alternatives to POS printing? · Issue #2808 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub