Printing issues in pos invoice

In pos print print preview quantity shows without decimal but when it prints, it prints with decimal…
Please help

Hi @jagjyo2014,

Thanks for reporting an issue, we have identified and fixed the issue. We’ll release it soon.

Thanks, Rohit

Please make provision to print running serial no, total of serial no and total quantity also… These are also regular in all pos invoice which is missing here

Hi @jagjyo2014,

You can make custom print format, keep print format type as JS. You can refer existing print format Point of Sale.

Thanks, Rohit

While seeing the preview in the system for POS bill,it shows perfectly but when print the it comes in 2 lines,
Both snaps attached. How can we solve this

Left one is printed bill and right one is preview from system

Is the print format type js? If so, can you share how you got the sales invoice number to show? Or share the print format if possible?

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Hi @gvrvnk,

In v7, POS record has POS number which act as a temporary invoice number. You can search pos invoice using POS number. For more details please check Adding an offline POS number for unsynced documents at POS page · Issue #6298 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Thanks, Rohit

hi gaurav
Try this

{{ }}
{{ doc.select_print_heading or _("Invoice") }}

*{{ _("Receipt No") }}: {{ }}
* {{ _("Date") }}: {{ doc.get_formatted("posting_date") }}
{{ _("Customer") }}: {{ doc.customer_name }}

jagdish chandran

Thanks so much for your prompt response Rohit!

I successfully implemented a duplicate of the Point of Sale print format with minor layout changes.

Is there any way to include more information in a js print format, such as the company address, or custom fields like VAT TIN No / CST TIN No?

Thanks Jagdish!

Are you using a print format with type ‘js’?

While the ‘doc.field_name’ references work in print formats of type Client and Server, they don’t seem to work with with print formats of type js.


Hi gvrvnk, i’ve been facing the same problem for awhile. Please let me know if you figured out how to do the customer name and POS invoice number for format type js.

Also can’t figure out how to make text smaller haha.

Hi gvrvnk,

Seems like its not possible to get invoice number because when we print, the sales is still offline and it doesn’t have an invoice number yet at that point (when using POS)
one way is to just use Sales Invoice (seems better)
the other is to use offline POS number as your invoice number

You’re right @catthng. As @rohit_w has explained earlier in this thread, using offline POS number as the Sales Invoice number for POS invoices is the way to go.

For your requirements, do refer to the default ‘Point of Sale’ print format in ERPNext v7.0.51.
Offline POS No and Company are included by default. You will have to add the customer.

Here’s what the <p> tag below the <style> tag should look like:

<p class="text-center">
	{{ company }}<br>
        {{ customer }}<br>
	{{  __("POS No : ") }}{{offline_pos_name}}<br>

To make the text small, you can define css rules/classes in the <style> tag, just like in the default Point of Sale print format.

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cound you find a solution for this?

maybe its your printers margin settings !?

hello sir
please help me!

i have used pos system printer bill print but item name also big text so big text enter to next line but how is it possible in pos system printing code.