No Invoice number available when printing from POS page


It seems it is not possible to have the resulting invoice number (document name?) like SINV-00002 printed when using the POS page. Looking at the code I see that ‘sync_sales_invoice()’ needs to be called before the records actually get submitted and given a sales invoice number.

Is their a way around it? we really like the POS page but we are missing the invoice numbering.


Hi @ialhashim,

Yes, in POS mode system creates the sales invoice after submission of the invoice in the POS. It’s difficult to maintain the series of the invoice number because it’s works in offline mode too. Currently invoices made using POS page are identified by timestamp, after sync you can see this value under field “Offline POS Name”. This timestamp we can use as POS No in POS mode?

Thanks, Rohit

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Hello and thanks for your work in the POS module. While it is great that the interface can now work in offline mode the fact that it doesn’t print the invoice number makes pos receipts illegal for some countries. Is there a way to disable the offline mode or issue a new invoice series unique for every pos profile?

Hi @Angel,

This functionally is not available in the application, can you make a Github issue for this.


Epicor handles this the following way

During Offline POS, a transaction is issued a temporary transaction number that prints on the invoice or receipt. When the offline POS transactions are uploaded, the system updates the transactions with a permanent transaction number. The transaction report includes both numbers for each transaction.

This looks like what Rohit is mentioning above. As long as “Offline POS Name” is unique across multiple terminals, that is the way to do this.

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I made an issue here Adding an offline POS number for unsynced documents at POS page · Issue #6298 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi @ialhashim,

We have did some changes in POS, kindly pull latest update, create new invoice and take print