Printing on pre-printed receipts

Hello! We use pre-printed receipts for purchase orders.

We would like to use the ERP to print it directly on the pre-printed receipt format. How can we do it? Somebody suggested us to use codes, but we are not sure where to start.

Hoping that someone can guide us further. Thank you!

One of my customers uses pre-printed check stock, for issuing paper checks (Accounts Payable, Payroll). This sounds like it’s similar to your requirements for pre-printed Purchase Receipts.

One solution is to create your own, custom Print Format. Your format would write only the missing data fields you need (Supplier, Item Codes, Quantities, etc.) Using HTML and CSS, you could adjust the positioning, until it matches your pre-printed receipts.

It can take many iterations to get it right (moving things up 2cm, or increasing/decreasing font size).

Hopefully this helps, or gives you some ideas!

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Thank you! However, I am not familiar with HTML and CSS. Is that the only way to do it? thanks!