Printing with Microsoft word instead of PDF


It will be great full if someone teach me how to export or open the document in Microsoft Word instead of PDF and to determine the font of the fields to be used in the MS Word, I need to open it there with good shape. How?


Hi Bilal
Did you find a way or solution?
I would be intersted as well.


the default behaviour here takes a html/css and exports it to pdf. you would need a custom app that uses a python library to make docx out ot the html.
should be doable.


@rmeyer Does this still work. as we are planning to use it with v14 of erpnext and frappe

FYI @CA_B.C_Chechani

You might have to sightly change the code to adapt it to python3 and newer versions of the dependencies. But all in all it should still work the same way.

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