Printout on 2 or more pages


I have not found anything bout it in the web or this forum…
Especially what I am searching for is a function that calculates and finds the best way for a page break. Basically all my previous ERP/CRM systems had the possibility to split up the pages so the printout doesn’t look bad…

I have raised a invoice on for you to see what i mean…

The invoice number is SINV-00166.

Here is an example of it.

In my opinion there should be a calculator or somewhat even in the “standard” printout. Did anyone came around this issue already?



I have now tried to play a bit with JavaScript…It works well in “Preview” Mode when clicking the print-icon.

But when I try to click “Print” or “PDF”, the Javascript values are removed automatically…is there a function to generate the Printout with JS implementation server side?


There is a Page Break option in Invoice Item table, If you check this on any row, the next row will go in next page.

hi nabinhait,

that feature is amazing. how can I use this for a custom printout?