Priority functional support for self-hosted ERPNext

We noticed that people wanted the freedom of having their own ERPNext instance, but needed functional support for the features of ERPNext.

So, we now provide Priority Functional Support for your self-hosted ERPNext.

ERPNext Team


just my 2 cents:

i think that 600/year must be split to smaller portions, for example 50-100$ and related to hours or accidents.

AND only “functional” support is not exactly what people are looking here!

p.s. to have “donation” button on the web page also is a good idea, just in case somebody would like to say you “Thank you!”

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@home we are waiting for the Gov to clear the registration for the ERPNext foundation. Will be happy to add the Donate button then.

Does this mean you will no longer answer support questions in the forum?


Of course not! We’ll continue answering on the forum as always.