Private field checkbox is Read-Only in Kanban Board Doctype?

In the Kanban Board Doctype there is a checkbox Field that says “Private” but is unclickable. It is set to Read-Only and this cannot be changed. What is the purpose of this field then?

We want to be able to have Kanban boards visible to the entire team, but users wish to create private boards only visible to them? How can we achieve this?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Gabriela_Sanchez, try this:

  • Edit the doctype “Kanban Board”, jump to field “Private” and edit it by unchecking “Read Only” in the Permission section and save your changes
  • Refresh
  • Try to create another Kanban board

Hope it works for you!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, I cannot change the Read-Only. I get an error message saying I cannot. See screenshot.

Are you logged in as Administrator and working on Development mode?

No. :see_no_evil:
Will wait tonight to restart the server and set development mode for the admin account and retry this.
If this is the solution, I will come back and mark it as such.

Thanks @Bradley!!