Pro Forma Invoice - without number

Here is my use case:

  • According to the law, my tax liability is established on sales invoice or payment whichever comes first.
  • There are customers who don’t pay invoices on time, some bad debtors pay after tax benefit period is over (3months)
  • Even worse, some debtors don’t pay at all.

Now, if we make the invoice, we end up raising the liability to pay taxes which will be an expense. Otherwise, if we do not raise the invoice, we end up losing entirely on receivables reporting and other collection-followup related reports.

I was hoping if there was a stage called “Pro Forma” which shows up in reports but does not fire GL entry. Is anyone else facing the same challenge or is there is anything I am forgetting.

You can use Sales Order as Pro forma Invoice however this won’t reflect on Accounts Receivable, you will have to track it through a Report which can be built from Report Builder (filter for Sales Order/Proforma Invoices with Advance Paid = 0 and Status = Submitted).
Collect Advance Payment against Sales Order and then associate with Sales Invoice when you create Sales Invoice from Delivery Note or Sales Order
Refer this video for More information

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I am looking for something like aging and party ledger and other sales reports to be pulled from this if boolean is true