Problem after backup from old version of erpnext

Hi everyone,
Got stuck with this problem I got a database from version 9 it’s quite odd that when I updated my server to version 10 some of my items are on read-only on the checkboxes I cannot change or uncheck the checkboxes on my items. does anyone encounter this problem??

For which fields you are facing this issue?

Hi, I am also new to this forum and have been facing this issue for quite a while now free xbox live codes by PrizeLava! Thinking about something to happen for this, I do not face this for a specific field but instead everyone. How do we fix this?


the batch field sir is in read-only field.


From ERPNext V10, if sock exists against particular Item then the system makes following fields as readonly.

  • Is Stock Item
  • Has Serial No
  • Has Batch No

how can we fix this sir?

You have to revert all stock entries against particular item

the problem is if i revert that item… That particular items has numbers of process like quotations purchase receipt and material transfers.