Problem after bench start

Hello All,

I have properly install erpnext , frappe and bench on my vmware.

After hit of bench start command my vmware stuck at point. See attached screenshot. So please assist me about this.

Harsh Mehta

Thanks how it should be! You can login from your browser and check.

Hello Rmehta,

When i browse link http://localhost:8080/ it tell me about server not found.

try http://localhost:8000/

Hello Jay,

It’s not working. Same server not found.

could be VM (network) related , you have to search for how to connect to the VM network from outside VM…

Try port 9000 as well, mine was running on that by default once

Also, check the settings of the VM and make sure that the port forwarding is set up.

Hello Dbone,

Not working on that port also. Please assist me how to get port number which erp listening.

What version are you using? V6, V7? What did you install, production, or development?

Hey, I see you’re using the Development VM. You’ll need to port forward the 8000 port from the Network Settings for VirtualBox. It was an issue in one of the old VMs that’s been fixed now.

Hello vjFaLk,

I have port forwarding also to 8000 but still it was stuck at that same point.


I am using latest version and i have install development version.

I would try downloading the production VM to see if if you can find it in your browser on port 8080.

If you can, then the development version either isn’t starting properly, or not port forwarding properly.

It should work after port forwarding. Try using the Bridged Mode in Network Settings for your VM, maybe your localhost’s 8000 is already in use?

Ok I will try and let you know.