Problem Case for Manufacturing

Hello Friends,

I am using ERPNext for a while now. However, after wandering and googling for quite a while I could not find a workaround/solution to my problem statement.

I’ll explain it in details here.

I am trying to manufacture finished product ‘FP1’ here

  • ‘FP1’ is made from components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’

  • All the components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’ are made from single raw material ‘RM1’

I need to maintain stock of components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’, ‘RM1’ and ‘FP1’.

What i have done is:

  1. Created ‘BOM-C1’ to ‘BOM-C10’ for components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’. Each BOM contains only one item i.e. ‘RM1’ is consumed and ‘C*’ (* can be anything from 1 to 10) is produced.
  2. Created ‘BOM-FP1’ which contains all the components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’ and in each row of respective components i gave reference to its ‘BOM-C*’ (* can be anything from 1 to 10).
  3. Then I created a Production Order for ‘FP1’ and checked the check box for ‘Use Multi-Level BOM’. Then I started the production order and came into dilemma that using this procedure I will be able to track consumption of ‘RM1’ and quantity of ‘FP1’ but wont be able to track quantity of components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’.
  4. To track quantity of each individual component I have to create production orders for each component and execute them by going through each step of starting the production order and finishing it.

What I want is/What I believe ERPNext is not able to do is:

  1. One to Many BOM feature should be available i.e. it should be possible to produce components ‘C1’ to ‘C10’ from single raw material ‘RM1’ or
  2. In Stock Entry Module, there should be an option in drop down menu of Purpose like STOCK CONVERT, which allows us to CONVERT one item ‘RM1’ to multiple items ‘C1’ to ‘C10’.

I believe such a well maintained, famous and widely used software should have this ability/functionality/feature also.

I’m not 100% sure I understand what your improvement suggestions mean, but I think I can address some of your concerns.

Currently, there is a deficiency with the Production Planning tool where it can either only generate material requests for one level of the BOM, or it only gets raw materials. This will be resolved very soon, as a PR has been created for creating multi-level material requests for the raw materials and parent BOMs. So in your case, you could use the Production Planning Tool once to create a Production Order for FP1, Manufacture Material Requests for C1-C10, and Purchase Material Requests for RM1 (for all the quantities you need).

Hopefully in a few days if the pull request is accepted and merged, that functionality will be present.

You can use a stock entry ‘Repack’ to do this, I believe.

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You Nailed it bro!!!

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