Problem creating child categories. Parent label always empty

I created some sub item groups in item group master. Example: Under Products I created Beverages. Under Beverages I created Juices and then the flavours like Apple, Peach etc. When i put products in the top bar(which was default) it says page not found. I searched the forums and realized that it doesnt work. So I changed the default products to Beverages and showed the link as ‘allproducts/products/Beverages’. Now when i click Beverages I do not see the sub item groups. So i tried to created a child under Beverages but in the drop down box no parent label appears. Shouldn’t Beverages be a parent? Am I doing something wrong? Also I moved the Contact and Blog to Side bar but no side bar appears on home page.

The “Products” is not a standard page. You should add your top level item group URL as the link to the products page.

Thanks for replying but isn’t 'all-item-groups ’ the top level item group url? when i create an item group say beverages it shows : /all-item-groups/products/beverages so which is the top level item group url i am supposed to put? It has been confusing me for a week.

if you have checked “show in website”

Some of it is a in a bit of a mess. We hope to get time to clean it up before next release.

Yeah, figuring it out slowly. Noticed that if i want parent labels i must just create a label with no links. What I would like to know if it is possible to do products(parent)>Beverages( sub parent)>Juices(child). Not the best way to explain but i am sure you get the idea of what i am trying to do. I didn’t succeed with this.

Make sure all are have “show in website” checked - I think it should work.