Problem ERPNEXT and ZOHO mail Server

This is problem in ERPNEXT smtp and ZOHO mail , ERPNEXT only can send email with default outgoing if we use ZOHO mail server and can’t send email with other email we add .
if we add other SMTP email in erpnext and it’s not default smtp , email will not send form new user and status show “not sent” .

Someone has a same querry :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: i post this problem in github too

any one successfully send email from different sender and different user in erpnext with ZOHO mail server ?

@neginy Can you help to configure the Zoho mail Server for ERP ? I am stuck with it

@Sthaaz It is pretty straightforward to configure ZOHO mail but one thing you must note is that the sender and the user must be the same for it to authenticate.

@flexy2ky Can you help me out here.

In Zoho SMTP server, you have to purchase premium member of Zoho. Then after you can use SMTP details from Zoho.