Problem in adding rights to a new role

Dear Experts,

I have created a new role. Now I want to assign only different reports to that role.
In software I have only option to assign doc type.

Now for example I want to authorize “account receivable” report only. How can I do it?
Same way I want to authorize some more reports.


@Zahid.Butt Go to User Permission Manager.
Select Doctype and Role
Click only on Report Checkbox in Permissions,
This will give report permission to user.

Second way:
Go to User Permission Manager.
Select Dotype report and report name for user, if will give access to perticular report to selected user.

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Mr Kolate_sambhaji,

Thanks for your time. Please explain me following.
There are two reports “sales register & purchase regsiter” in accounts module under Taxes head. I want to assign these two reports to a user, How can I do this?


Purchase Register is created on Purchase Invoice and Sales Register is Created on Sales Invoice.
If you want to assign this report to user, add Report permission on Sales/Purchase Invoice for that role.

You can also open user permission manager and give above two report access,please note if you give access using user permission manager, then user can see only those reports which are defined in User Permission Manager.

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Thanks a lot, its working.

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