Problem In Creating Material Request from Production Orders

Hi ,

Trying to use the Production Planning Tool for generating the Material Requests for the Items to be purchases

It works fine when i create Production orders from Sales Order / or Direct from Selecting Item & choosing to Create Production order - followed by Create Material Request - In a Single Action.

But If i Create Production Order without the Production Planning Tool or If i create Production Order from Production Planning Tool & close it & later open the production planning tool or the Production Order - i am unable to Create the Material Request for those Production order

In short If i have saved Production Orders or Submitted Production Orders - I do not have the option to create Material Request for the same.

Am i missing any Settings for the same ?

Thanks & Rgds,

No, thats the way it is designed at the moment.

Thanks For the update.

In this case how to generate the Material Request for Production Orders in case if we are manufacturing for stock -

The Rule we want to set is - the Production order is raised by the Production manager or user

The Material Shortages are worked out by the Purchase person
In this case the Purchase person is unable to select the production orders created by Production manager to create the Material Requests for shortages of the material
How to achieve this - any suggestions

This will be a feature request. If you want to prioritize, you can sponsor: