Problem in Importing

Hey there, actually i was trying to upload the dish data , but before that i did upload ingredients data as each dish have ingredients associated with it which was linked via child table where user can input the ingredients needed, shown in pic 1 and pic 2 . but when i tried to upload dish, error came that no ingredient named so found, when though they exist as shown in image and i am not able to understand why it is happening.

i double check the table attached then to not got any solution.

please help me with this

Thank You

if ingredients is a doctype, check the name(ID) of that document.

yes ingredients is a doctype

name(id) in the sense??

i have attached the images of the doctype and setting, please check it.

One thing more when i changed the name of ingredient in the dish csv file that i am uploading to base name meaning suppose Cherries to cherries then it show no error.? so is there any setting that is wrong from my side?


Check the reference:

Really sorry for issue of two consecutive quires.

In this video child table part is not describe and basically import data that are not with child table is working fine, but when is it comes to import data in child table photo already upload , the name of ingredient is been search by its id for e.g. GREEN CAPSICUM is been search by green-capsicum, which is causing that ingredient not found , but actually the ingredient is there in ingredient doctype.

First, download the 5 data entries with existing records and review the format. Keep it straightforward.

yes i see,

i attached two images
ingredients doctype data

dish doctype data

One where ingredients name are mentioned which is ingredient doctype and the other is the dish doctype.

Now i get the issue, like the ingredients in the dish doctype are pointing to the ids rather than the name, that’s why i am not able to import and get error ingredient not found.

How should i fix this so the in dish doctype I get ingredients name rather the ids.??

set your according to the scenario.