Problem in Printing from POS on an Android Device


I want to use the POS of ERPNext but am facing problems in printing from it.

Let me try and explain in detail.

The integrated POS terminal is an Android based device in which I have installed Chrome.

I am running the POS in Chrome. Things are working fine and as expected but at the end of a transaction when I try to pint the slip nothing happens.

Has anyone faced such a problem?

How can we solve this problem?

I am using the latest version of ERPNext.



I also have a same issue.
My suggestion is to install windows on that tab and use blue tooth printer connection.

Because this problem has not solved from 4 years in 2016.

If any one have better solution on this will be great

because cloud based ERP has mobility feature
then If we use in mobile phones or tablet which has android.
Then may we need to print something like payment entry receipt, POS invoice etc on the go specially for distributors.

So this feature need to be available I think for Distribution type of business.

check frappe-bench\apps\frappe\frappe\www\ the bottom of this page you can see
trigger_print_script = “”"

increase time out delay or commenting time out function will solve the issue