Problem in Redirection

I am using ajax data-table and created a field linkable so that on click of that field, I will get routed to that doc. That is working but only once I refresh the page otherwise although the URL is changing according the corresponding field clicked but it is not redirected, until I refresh it.
Any solution for achieving so will be hugely appreciated.

Thank You

Any help ?

Still waiting for some suggestions

Can you post a pic… don’t get the full pic

I am using datatable.
Here’s the url by default
and made name field linkable. When i click on rec-00028 if it’s first time its redirecting but if not like using for some time and not refreshed then it doesn’t.
Here’ although url is changed but not redirected.
So need to trigger that so that i can make it open on every click

Not used datatable… could be it’s not hyperlink when not focused? Check if Any errors in console